Force in Absentia is a modified D&D4e game, with essentially the same rules, only re-flavoring the abilities to be Star-Wars oriented, as D&D4e highly encourages such things.

I’ll provide examples in character creation but players are highly encouraged to simply use the D&D4e character builder and simply re-flavor the abilities themselves.

The Sith wars came to a close with the Sith as the victors, the Sith then hunted the remaining Jedi to extinction. Shortly after the last of the Jedi strongholds were defeated, the Sith empire fell victim to infighting, leading to it’s own internal civil war, breaking further into several factions, the Sith killed each other with the same zeal they’d been displaying for years for hunting the Jedi. As the proverbial smoke clears, a galaxy is very much in ruin, though some planets are relatively unaffected, they are few and far between. There are no known surviving Sith or Jedi facilities. In fact, in most parts of the universe force users would be killed quietly rather than risk them becoming such a power again.

Force users are welcome, but should be wary of possible backlash if they display their powers in public in any way.

Force in Absentia